Building A Learning Strategy That Drives Business Results

Building A Learning Strategy That Drives Business Results 20 septiembre, 2020Leave a comment

Successful organizations view training, learning and employee development as instrumental to their success. They use learning strategies to:

Simultaneously align and integrate the needs and goals of business leaders, learning and development (L&D), and employees.
Proactively make decisions that are readily supported by the organization and work within the learning ecosystem’s boundaries and other organizational constraints.
Ensure job performance is paramount by accounting for the entirety of the knowledge, skills and contexts facing their employees.
A learning strategy must accomplish all three of those objectives and simultaneously provide a model to prompt essential conversations between business, talent and training leaders.

Defining Your Learning Strategy

The settings, scope and variety of circumstances that drive a learning strategy differ by organization. Consequently, its challenging to find a universal definition that fits all commercial settings.

Learning strategies consist of several common elements. At the root, a learning strategy is a form of prediction that describes a legitimate outcome, identifies vital actions that will lead to achieving the goal and defines how results will be measured.

Additionally, learning strategies may include:

Input from stakeholders to inform, guide and approve the adoption of the strategy.
An articulation of how features align with business goals.
Sufficient analysis and research to uncover relevant data that lead to distinct and nuanced insights.
Creative solutions, frameworks or actions that form a roadmap to the endgame.
A financial plan or budget.

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