On the Road to Continuous Improvement

On the Road to Continuous Improvement 5 noviembre, 2020Leave a comment

Learner feedback was positive. Survey results were good. General Motors turned to design thinking to discover how they could be even better.

The Center of Learning (CoL) is the training organization within General Motors that focuses on supporting dealership and field personnel in achieving their sales and market share targets through training initiatives. CoL takes an evidence-based approach to building learning solutions, employing an overarching needs assessment and measurement strategy that data analysts and statisticians lead, which specifies the standard practices for all levels of measurement.

In 2018, CoL was receiving consistent positive feedback from learners and strong Kirkpatrick Level 1 survey results. Plus, its initiatives demonstrated positive business results in terms of increased vehicle sales. On the surface, the training team was performing successfully, and the learners were satisfied with training. Recognizing that the way learners learn has been evolving, CoL Senior Manager Sally Vlietstra asked her team, “How can we best support our learners in their professional development?” The team recognized this could be a great opportunity to use design thinking to further understand its learners.

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